Fried Rice

Mid-week, I just about ran about food. I had a some green beans and frozen ground beef and that was just about it. I didn't want to do a big shop because I am leaving for a week in Spain at the end of the week, and any food I bought I would have to eat before then. So, I decided to use what I had and make a mega batch of fried rice. 


I hoped the batch would last me through the rest of week, but, as it was a big week for training and exercise, it didn't quite make it. Nearly, but not quite. Still, it was delicious and easy! I separately cooked eggs, rice, green beans, and the ground beef, and then once it was cooked I put everything in the pan I used for the beef, mixed it, and added soy sauce. It would have been nice to add sesame oil too, and maybe onions and garlic, but I didn't have those (I did have garlic but didn't think of it until it was too late).