Summer 2016: Goodbye to California (for now anyway!)

I haven't posted anything here for a while, mostly because I have been very busy. I was home in Oakland all summer, and my family and I spent the majority of the summer preparing for a move to Montreal, Canada. As of late August, our section of the  Whittall family is now centered in Montreal (except for my brother, who started his first year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and me - I am still in Edinburgh). It was kind of a rocky summer; my dad had started his new job in May, and so was already living in Canada. As a result I didn't get to see him much over the summer.  My brother spent six weeks in Europe with his high school pals, touring around and having fun. That left my mom, my sister and me in Oakland to pack up the house. It was a little sad not to have all the family together, especially since we were moving out of our home of ten years, away from all our friends, grandparents, familiar places...But, we did get to spend a few weekends away on camping and other little trips, which was great fun as always!

My all time favorite - diner breakfast!

My other all time fave - adventuring in the bus with Dill and James. 

My mom and sister moved up to Montreal at the end of August, so my brother and I had a few weeks to do our own vacationing before heading to college. 

A nice run with Clancy. 

A bluebelly?

I also got in some riding, hung out with some friends, and went to the pool almost every day. Even though it wasn't quite the summer we expected (thanks to the move), it was still pretty great. Now I'm back in Scotland, which is also pretty great! 

Welcomed back with warm but foggy weather in Edinburgh. I think you can see both the sun and the moon (directly below the sun above the flowers) in this photo!